Free Love: Seeking (explicit)

The pub was well lit, one wall nearly all glass with floor to ceiling windows along one side, and Cassie was looking around the room with curiosity. With a central fireplace surrounded by a collection of well stuffed chairs and an outer ring of more intimate tables, the room invited as much or as little mingling as one would care to engage in. It also, she thought, made it very difficult to figure out if somebody was waiting for you or not.

Over at one table, the woman who could have been her appointment was chatting into a cell phone while looking at a laptop, so Cassie had to assume that she wasn’t the one she was supposed to meet. At a comfortable chair near the fire, another woman sat, and while there was an empty seat on one side, she seemed absorbed in a book and thus an unlikely candidate for the woman Cassie was to meet here. As she swept the room again, taking in the older but still attractive woman tending the bar and her elegantly bobbed graying hair, a warm voice seemed to speak of the air just behind her, startling her

“Cassandra, I presume?

Stilling her heart, Cassie turned to see who was speaking. A woman who could have been anywhere from 30 to 45, had materialized behind one shoulder. With a startled laugh, Cassie nodded.

“And I’m Nicole,” said the other woman. “It’s nice to meet you.”


Nicole ran her fingers gently through Cassie’s hair, who closed her eyes and let the sensation of the older woman’s nails gently massaging her scalp send shivers down her spine that were both warm and cold at the same time. The wine and the joint were buzzing in the younger woman’s system, and a sigh of pleasure escaped her lips as she relaxed deeper into the couch. Nicole brushed a stray lock of hair away from Cassie’s closed eyes and over her ear, then continued trailing her elegant nails along her soft cheek, down her throat and gently along her collar bone. Part of Cassie knew she should object, and a part was unsurprised to find that she couldn’t bring herself to do so. The room was so warm, and she felt so comfortable in the dim firelight that taking the energy to do anything other than tilt her head back into the cushions was impossible.

Taking the sigh as consent, Nicole placed her other hand on Cassie’s cheek, gently stroking the soft skin with the back of her fingers. The hand on Cassie’s collar bone traveled lightly down and across the swell of breast exposed by the open top buttons of her blouse, Nicole’s fingertips tracing the light pressure of the lace bra cup peeking through there.

The woman addressing Cassie was dressed as if she had just come from a business meeting at a bank-conservative skirt and jacket with a cream silk blouse underneath, tiny diamond pinpoints in her ears and a single diamond solitaire pendant showing at the open throat of her shirt. The suit was well tailored, not an off-the-rack ensemble like Cassie was used to seeing. Her perfume was just as conservative as her clothes, a subtle scent that seemed to alternate between spicy and floral as Cassie tried to put a name to it.
“Yes,” she replied to the question. I’m Cassandra, but please, call me Cassie.”
The other woman smiled, and reached out a hand. “Ok, Cassie, I’d invite you to call me Nikki, but I always feel about 10 years old when somebody does.” The two women shook hands politely, and Nicole gestured to the bar. “Can I get you a drink? I’m having wine.”

“Sure,” said Cassie, “whatever you’re having.”
“Ok. Grab a table and I’ll come find you.” Nicole moved through the growing crowd of after-work drinkers and deftly slipped up the bar. Cassie found a small booth in the far shadows of the pub and waited for the other woman to return.

While she waited, she thought about Nicole, and decided that she liked what she had experienced so far. Even after exchanging just a couple of words with her, Cassie felt at ease. She had an easy laugh and a relaxed air that was very comforting, and there was no awkwardness at all, which was something she had worried about. Cassie also liked the way Nicole had taken charge of the encounter, directing her to find a table for them both and taking care of the drinks.


You have beautiful skin,” murmured Nicole as she ran a finger along the top of Cassie’s other breast, one long fingernail dipping lightly below the lace of the bra. “I’d like to see more of it.”

Almost without thinking, Cassie found her own fingers swiftly undoing the buttons on her blouse. It seemed so simple, so easy to just let things flow. And it wasn’t just the pot and the merlot either; this had been what Cassie had been trying to figure out when she had placed the ad in the first place. She shivered as Nicole’s fingers wrapped around the back of her neck and pulled her head forward for a kiss, and as the other woman’s hand slipped along her side and behind her back to undo the clasp of her brassiere, she gasped at the slight rake of nails along her spine. Nicole took advantage of her parted lips to lightly slip her tongue against Cassie’s, and, moving herself along the couch she straddled the younger woman. Nicole kept their mouths connected and tongues dancing as she slipped the blouse down along Cassie’s slim arms, then finished removing the lacy brassiere and letting the woman’s breasts swing free.


When Nicole found the table that Cassie had taken, and deposited the bottle of wine and two glasses, Cassie took a moment to take a closer look and the woman. Her first impression, that of a corporate executive type, was reinforced as she took in well-manicured fingernails with a subtle pearlescent polish on them, cut and shaped so they were definitely feminine but not too long or brassy. Cassie also noticed that she wasn’t carrying a purse, but had a small device clipped to her skirt just under her jacket. It wasn’t the normal thing for women to wear, and Cassie couldn’t resist asking. “Is that a pager?” To her surprise, the older woman blushed slightly, and paused before replying.

“No, it’s a glucose monitor. I’m diabetic. I hate wearing it, and most people don’t notice. It’s not good to have any signs of weakness in my job, but it beats going into an insulin coma.”

Cassie found herself warming to the woman even more, with this confession of vulnerability. “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m just nosy. It’s none of my business, of course, but what do you do that you worry about looking weak?”
The woman laughed. “I’m a high school principal. And believe me, it’s the most hostile working environment there is.” Cassie blinked in surprise, and then laughed along with Nicole. The first-meeting tension broke, and they spent a few minutes pouring the wine, sipping, and lightly chatting like a couple of women who were just meeting over a drink after work. Cassie noticed that Nicole seemed content to let her do most of the talking, although she did share a few details about her job at a local all-girls school. Cassie spoke in particular about her upcoming wedding and how tricky it was to manage both her own large family and Tom’s overbearing mother, as the plans for the ceremony and reception went through all the permutations trying to satisfy everybody’s expectations.
Finally, the chatting reached a lull, and Nicole leaned over the table and looked Cassie in the eye. Cassie saw how intent her brown eyes could get, and wondered how any of Nicole’s students who were on the wrong end of that gaze could stand it without trembling. “Ok, I think I get it, the wedding and all, family expectations and trying to live up to an ideal others have of you. But I have to ask-which is it?”


Cassie’s fingers entwined themselves in Nicole’s dark hair, her mouth greedily open to Nicole’s probing tongue as Nicole firmly squeezed one of her liberated breasts. Under her hand, Nicole felt Cassie’s nipple stiffening, and using her whole palm she rubbed slow circles around the tender bud and the pink areola surrounding it. She broke the kiss, and running her own hands through Cassie’s hair, tilted the younger woman’s head back and looked into her green eyes. Cassie was breathing deeply, and a small smiled played on her lips, expressing both desire and invitation.

“Should we stop?” Asked Nicole, now gently teasing the nipple with her fingernail, “Do you need more, to answer your question?”

Cassie leaned her head back on the cushions with a sigh, “I need…no…I WANT more. Unless, you don’t want to? I mean…I don’t know if-” Nicole cut her off with a kiss, stealing the breath away from whatever Cassie was going to say next. Cassie shivered, and moaned again against the pressure of Nicole’s mouth. She covered Nicole’s hand with her own, guiding it down her breast, along her taught belly, and pushing the beautifully manicured fingers under the waistband of her skirt. Her breath seemed to catch in her throat as she felt the gentle probing along the silk of the thong she was wearing, the fabric already soaked through by her growing arousal.


“I don’t know,” Cassie looked down to hide her slight blush as she answered Nicole’s question. “I just have this feeling, that I’m missing something. It’s not even the sex, Tom is good in bed, there’s just something that feels like it should be different.” Nicole nodded understandingly. She poured Cassie more wine, carefully keeping her hand from straying too close to Cassie’s. This is where things could get…sticky.

“I don’t know what kind of help I can be,” she said, sitting back in her chair again, increasing the distance between them, “But if you want to just talk about it, feel free.”

Cassie looked uncomfortable for a minute, and then took a deep swig of wine. Leaning forward, her hair fell over one eye and she brushed it back. The sweet smell of her perfume drifted across the table to Nicole, who watched her carefully, her own expression neutral. “I put the ad in because I don’t know, but I’m curious. And there didn’t seem to be any other way to meet somebody to…” Cassie paused, swallowing more wine, “Um, talk about it with.” She was blushing furiously now, but was resolved to keep going. Having come this far, she plunged on. “Do you mind if we go someplace else? I’m…not totally comfortable talking about this in public.”

“Sure,” said Nicole, taking a chance and this time touching the other woman’s hand lightly, I live just a couple of blocks away. And I have more wine, if it helps.” She gave Cassie a reassuring smile. “Just talk, if that’s what you want.” Cassie smiled back, nodding, and Nicole led the way out of the pub and along the sidewalk toward her place.


Nicole’s mouth moved down the path her hand had blazed along Cassie’s skin, lips barely touching the skin that glowed in the firelight, her breath sending both chills and heat along Cassie’s body. Her legs seemed to part without any conscious effort on her part, and Nicole now knelt between Cassie’s thighs and pushed her skirt up around her hips. She sent gentle, repetitive kisses moving maddening slowly toward the shadowed V of the other woman’s cleft. One hand on Nicole’s head, entwined in her thick hair, Cassie’s other hand was clenched tightly to the cushions of the couch, both to keep herself upright while the other woman continued her journey of discovery and to give herself an anchor as she began losing herself in the pleasure that was washing over her.

Nicole gently parted Cassie’s legs further, the full scent of the woman’s sex filling her senses and nearly causing her to lose her own control. Slowly, slowly, she traced her fingers along the insides of Cassie’s thighs, stroking lightly from her knees upward and giving the slightest of brushes against the soaking silk of her black thong. She did it again, and Cassie’s hips started moving involuntarily in thrusting motions, gasps coming from her in breathy spurts. Again, more firmly this time, and Cassie groaned, then grabbed Nicole’s head and pulled her face straight down into the dripping material.

Nicole felt the slightly rough texture of the silk, and slid her tongue around the cloth and directly into the waiting passage behind it, lapping at the pink flesh that was swollen and glistening with desire. She had barely parted the outer lips when Cassie’s thighs clamped tight against her head, trapping her against the pulsing sex. Though muffled, Nicole could hear the strangled cries coming from her new lover, matching the fresh flood of moisture and the shuddering ripple of the intimate flesh against her own tongue and mouth.

Cassie’s thighs relaxed, and Nicole could hear the short gasps becoming longer, steadier breaths, and she raised herself up, moving upward along Cassie’s body again. Her mouth found Cassie’s breasts, the nipples slowly flattening as her breathing steadied more. Gently taking one nipple into her mouth, Nicole could hear Cassie’s heart racing, the pounding beneath her ribs slowing as she suckled softly, giving Cassie time to calm and quiet herself after the orgasm had racked her body. Although Nicole herself was dying to be touched, to be released, she knew it might take time for Cassie to be ready for that.

Minutes or hours later, Cassie drew the other woman up, green eyes almost shy as they stared into Nicole’s dark brown ones. She seemed lost in thought even as she looked into Nicole’s eyes, as if considering her own reflection there. Finally, Nicole asked “Are you ok?”

Cassie took awhile to reply, and Nicole was preparing herself for the woman to get up, put her clothes on, and head home, question answered and behind her forever. But she was pleasantly surprised when the Cassie nodded an assent, and then pulled her in for a long kiss, tongue suddenly eager again, drawing in the tang of her own sex on Nicole’s lips.

Tentatively, Cassie’s hand slipped under Nicole’s top, resting against the cup of her bra, fingers shaking slightly but inquisitive as they began to massage the heavy globe of her breast. “That was wonderful,” whispered Cassie, her own eyes closed again as she grew bolder, both hands now kneading at Nicole’s chest, “And…I need more.” Nicole started slipping her own fingers along Cassie’s legs to pleasure her again, but Cassie clamped her legs tightly together. Here it comes, thought Nicole, she’s leaving.

“I need to DO more,” Cassie continued, “I need to touch you,” and she slid her fingers into the cups of Nicole’s bra, brushing the trapped nipples. “I need to taste you,” she moved her lips to Nicole’s neck, lightly nipping the skin there, “I need,” she said, groaning and suddenly opening her eyes again and looking directly into Nicole’s, “Oh God. I need to fuck you.”

As if the confession unloosed something in the younger woman, a new aggressiveness seemed to dictate her next actions. Nicole’s clothes were off, and Cassie was kissing her lips, her tits, her stomach and hands with an abandon that was almost overwhelming for the other woman. She cried out slightly as Cassie, in her inexperience, bit a little too hard on a nipple, but the pain was mostly pleasure and she tossed her own head back with a groan when Cassie slipped a hand between her legs and pressed it against her cunt. She placed a hand over Cassie’s, teaching her how to touch her, pushing both their fingers inside her passage, slick with arousal at the sensation of those slim fingers under her own. When she felt Cassie’s lips caress her inner thigh, Nicole opened her legs in pure invitation.

Hard as it was, Nicole resisted the urge to tug on Cassie’s hair or drive her groin against her lover’s face; this had to be Cassie’s decision, her actions alone. Nicole sensed her hesitation; while Cassie’s hands never stopped touching her, never stopped stroking her deep tunnel, the touches were still tentative, and Nicole knew that the next step was really where the question lay. Was Cassie just curious? Or was she ready to go all the way? Would tonight be a memory tucked away inside the “before I was married” file in the younger woman’s brain, or would a whole new world open up in front of her, making her reconsider her entire future?

Nicole’s heart was pounding, and she was eager for more, but she forced herself to relax. Her hand fell away from Cassie’s and left the younger woman totally on her own to decide what happened next. She kept her eyes closed, squeezing her own nipples to erect passion while her legs remained a trembling invitation to explore.

When Cassie used fingers from both hands to spread Nicole’s inner lips open, the younger woman gave a groan. Her own pussy still tingled from her earlier orgasm, and while she was nervous about what to do next, she couldn’t resist the sweet draw of the flesh in front of her eyes. Slowly, she leaned in, breathing in the musky aroma that was a perfect complement to the perfume Nicole wore. She moved closer, and suddenly found herself planting a kiss on that other, mysterious mouth, a kiss that grew deeper, her tongue darting out to be enclosed in the divinely textured flesh of another woman.

She loved it. Mouth working feverishly, she couldn’t get enough of the taste and sounds of the other woman as Nicole writhed against her, new groans accompanying each pass of Cassie’s tongue, and when she found the button of the woman’s clit with sucking lips, her own heart raced faster with the tremors that ran through her lover, tremors that SHE caused. Working her fingers inside Nicole and lashing the throbbing clit with her tongue, she was startled, then thrilled with power when the woman started bucking hard against her. Cassie felt an answering pulse inside her own body as Nicole came, screaming, against her tongue, fresh juices pouring over her fingers as they were clamped in the velvet squeeze of intense orgasm.


Nicole opened up the door of her condo, and Cassie stepped inside. The place was furnished simply but elegantly, a few art prints on the wall that Cassie recognized, and everything done with clean lines but warm colors.

“Make yourself at home,” said Nicole, “I’ll be right back.” She left, and Cassie crossed into the living room from the small entryway, settling herself on the couch. It was firm but comfortable, good for anything from watching TV to taking a nap, and she saw that a wine-rack with glasses was just off to one side, doubling as an end table.
As if watching her, Nicole called from another room “Why don’t you pick out a bottle of wine? I’ll be out in a minute”. Cassie picked a bottle of merlot at random, and found a bottle opener in a drawer that was part of the wine rack. She opened the wine, and was just pouring it when Nicole returned. She hadn’t changed, but had taken off the jacket and Cassie saw that she was no longer wearing the monitor. Without the coat, she looked younger, less formidable. Cassie reflected again that she felt very comfortable with this woman. Nicole lit a couple of candles and turned on the fire as she moved to sit on the couch near, but not too near, Cassie.
She was carrying a small box, and she opened it, offering the contents for Cassie’s inspection. “It might make talking about it a little easier,” she explained, “And I have a prescription”. Cassie hadn’t smoked pot since high school, but the same boldness that gave her the push to place the ad in the paper now pushed her to accept the offer. Nicole lit the joint and passed it to Cassie, who inhaled and held the sweet smoke in her lungs like she remembered.

Nicole leaned over, one hand casually on Cassie’s knee, once again taking control of the situation. “Your ad said ‘bi/curious seeking discreet encounter’, so I’ll ask you again. Which is it? Bi, or just curious?”

“That,” said Cassie, picking up the hand that was resting on her leg and holding it in her own trembling grasp, “Is what I’m here to find out.”

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